• Experienced in Group Health Insurance Products and Services. 
  • Knowledgeable of the Employee Benefits Market.
  • Proficient in Technical Communications. 
  • Skilled with Document Design Applications. 
  • Specialized expertise developing custom Plan Renewal and Claims Utilization Reports for Insurance Brokers and Benefits Consultants.

To deliver on our vision, we aim to be agile and innovative, to embrace our core values and to partner with our customers for their success. Helping our clients succeed in their business endeavors is more than a vision—it’s what we do.

Partner with us. Expand your capabilities without expanding your payroll. 

  • Focus human and financial resources on your core business.
  • Remain competitive in an ever-changing business environment. 
  • Improve administrative and operational efficiency. 
  • Tap into specialized expertise and technical skills.

"The report...looks great, was well received. Excellent. Thanks much."

"Great work. The format was great and the clients were very happy with the results."

          -- Executive Vice President / Broker for prominent Las Vegas

             Gaming Property and Hotel-Casino Resort.

"Great job. Really going to help. Thank you for all you do for us!"

"Thank you for the great comparison."

"[Team] if you have any renewals that are going to require more work than the normal, I want you to give those to PlanCompare."

          -- VP of Client Services for prominent Las Vegas Casino Resort

              and other large Las Vegas employer group health plans. 

"Awesome,THANK U THANK U!"

          -- VP of Sales, Consultant for Hotel Resort Property.


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